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Politics, Science and Collaboration

This article is from Mr. Alm’s keynote presentation at the first ever Joint Fact Finding Conference coordinated by Peter Adler in Hawaii on March 6, 2014.

“Politics, Science and Collaboration”

Robert Alm, Esq. President
Collaborative Leader’s Network
Honolulu, Hawaii

Keynote Talk

Joint Fact Finding Conference
March 6, 2014

“Politics, science and collaboration.”

If that is the answer on the popular television game show “Jeopardy,” then what is the question?

The question is “Name a man-made disaster; a dangerous set of myths; and a figment of Peter Adler’s imagination. It is also our reality. Disasters … myths … figments.

And it is that mix of politics, science, and a strong desire for collaboration that brings us together for a workshop on Joint Fact Finding.

Everyone in this room is dedicated to weaving together the challenges of politics, the opportunities of scientific method, and the context of a collaborative process to improving the quality of our decision making.

And the work for all us gets more interesting all the time.

One of the most critical realities of our contemporary existence is the virtual mountain of information that confronts us every time we look.

There is a powerful online film entitled,“Did You Know?” that you can find on; it illustrates in statistical form our new world, including these compelling numbers:

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Robert Alm

Robert (Robbie) Alm is executive vice president of Hawaiian Electric Company, with the primary responsibility of moving the company to a clean energy future. He joined Hawaiian Electric in 2001 as senior VP of public affairs, was promoted to executive VP of public affairs in 2008, and assumed his current… MORE >

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