Peter Adler’s 12 Questions to the Presidential Candidates

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peter-adlerpsd.jpgPeter Adler is one of the conflict specialists I respect most. Earlier posts about his work are posted here and here. He has a new, particularly timely article at that bears reporting: 12 Questions for Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama on “Eye-of-the-storm” Leadership.

These are Peter’s questions to the Presidential Candidates:

  1. What Is Your History of Bringing People Together?
  2. Who Are Your Best Examples of Leaders Who Brought People Together?
  3. On Which Issues Will You Immediately Seek Bipartisan Support, and How Will You Get It?
  4. Who Will You Have To Partner With To Achieve Your Objectives?
  5. On Those Top Issues, How Will You Determine Whether You Compromise or Stand Firm?
  6. How Specifically Will You Relate Differently With Countries At Odds With the U.S.?
  7. What Specific Kinds of Arrangements Do You Think Can Be Brokered In the Middle East?
  8. What Is Your Dominant Leadership Style, and Why Are You the Right Person At This Time?
  9. What Is An Example Of Your Intellectual Flexibility, Your Ability To Shift Your Views In Response To New Information or Changing Conditions?
  10. In What Ways Should America Change Its Role In the World, and How Will You Mobilize Americans To Support That Shift?
  11. What Mistake Made By Previous Presidents Are You Most Eager To Avoid?
  12. How Will You Handle That 3 A.M. Call?

Here’s Peter’s article.


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