Susan Curcio M.A.

Susan Curcio M.A.

Susan Curcio, M.A. is a Florida Certified Family Mediator.  She brings ten years of mediation experience from New York where she trained in Community, Custody/Visitation and Parent/Child Mediation.  She was instrumental in initiating coordinating the Elder Mediation Program at the Dispute Resolution Center of Orange County, NY.  She has completed over 40 hours in Advanced Elder Mediation Training including Financial Elder Abuse and Negotiating and Mediating Healthcare Disputes.  She is a founding member of Total Solutions Mediation in St. Petersburg, FL.

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Articles and Video:

Elder Mediation Matters: Probate, Guardianship and Family Care-giving (10/26/09)
Conflict associated with estate matters, adult guardianship and family care-giving can tear families apart. Present decisions regarding an aging family member can be influenced by past history. More families will be faced with difficult choices as the population ages in growing numbers. Elder Mediation offers the opportunity to avoid going through the court system which can be costly, time-consuming and divisive. A skilled Elder Mediator can help participants focus on the future and arrive at creative solutions.

Care-Full Conversations: Elder Mediation And Family Decision-Making (05/18/09)
Elder Mediation is a tool that can be used to facilitate difficult decisions for aging adults and their families. Issues regarding the health and safety of a loved one may involve legal and financial considerations which can cause family tensions. The role of the mediator is to assist families in arriving at their own solutions while preserving or improving relationships among the members. Opening the channels of communication may make the job of an attorney or financial adviser easier and more cost-effective.