Susan K. Boardman

Susan K. Boardman

Susan K. Boardman, Ph.D. received her degree from Columbia University in social psychology. She has been conducting research, teaching, and training in negotiation, mediation, and communication for over 25 years. For the last 17 years she has devoted her private practice to Marital Mediation, and is currently interested in conducting research on promoting Marital Mediation as a mainstream intervention.

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Marital Mediation: Where Are We Going? (05/09/22)
This article addresses the need for further study to help more clearly delineate the process of Marital Mediation from Marital Therapy, and perhaps help MM become more widely known as a legitimate process and therefore utilized as a first attempt at healing the relationship.

Marital Mediation: An Emerging Area Of Practice (05/18/09)
This article describes the process of “Marital Mediation” as a relatively new field of family mediation, designed to keep couples together using established family mediation techniques. Previously many of these techniques were used solely in divorce mediation. We begin by describing what the process involves, how it differs from both couples counseling and divorce mediation, and why we believe it often works for couples when counseling has not. We also discuss suggestions for promoting the development of Marital Mediation using both research and marketing techniques.