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Adam Berner Adam Berner practices mediation and Collaborative Family Law, with offices in Bergen County and New York City. He is Past President of the Family & Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York, Founding President of the North Jersey Collaborative Law Group and a founding member of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals. Adam is a mediation trainer, including serving as Adjunct Professor for over a decade at Cardozo School of Law in Manhattan and as an instructor for NJ ICLE’s divorce mediation training. 

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Challenging Conflict, Mediation Through Understanding (Book Review) (07/13/09)
Even for the most avid of readers, there is just so much written out there that it is overwhelming to zero in on must-read books. This is especially true as our field expands. So, in case the accolades from leaders in our mediation field do not suffice, including Professors Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Bernie Mayer and Robert Mnookin, let me say that 'Challenging Conflict, Mediation Through Understanding,' published in cooperation with the Harvard Program on Negotiation, is a must-read for any mediator serious about deepening his or her mediation skills and seeking greater opportunities to help parties in conflict.

Mediator's Introduction to the GET (Jewish Divorce) (10/22/01)
Many experienced family and divorce mediators are familiar with the term "Get" and are aware of its relevance when a Jewish couple seeks a religious divorce. But as often is the case with religious concepts and procedures, the Get, for many, is shrouded in mystery. It represents an aspect of divorce that many professionals tend to refer to outside experts for answers, explanations and arrangements. In truth, there is no need for all the mystery.