Brook D. Olsen

Brook D. Olsen Brook Olsen founded the High Conflict Diversion Program in 2006 and continues to direct its evolution. Curantly Brook is training new teachers throughout the USA to teach the High Conflict Diversion Progream™ in their local communities. Brook is a Certified Parenting Educator with the International Network For Children and Families, a Certified Divorce Mediator, and Life Coach. Brook helps develop high conflict parenting programs for the San Diego Family Courts, and helps educate therapists and attorneys in high conflict divorce.  Brook's training includes six years of study with Dr. Michael Mamas in the field of transpersonal counseling, trauma counseling and meditation. Brook completed three years of training in trauma resolution through the Foundation for Human Enrichment with Peter Levine and is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  Brook co-taught the High Conflict Intervention Program for two years for the San Diego County Family Court System. Brook is a licensed Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He is also trained in Interpersonal Communication and High Conflict Resolution.   
 He has a private practice in Encinitas and San Diego, California. He can be contacted for personal consultation at (760) 402-6082, and   

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Articles and Video:

How It Is (01/10/11)
I woke up this morning and checked my email. There in one of the emails was this inspirational quote of the day. The notion that our desires overshadow my ability to actually see what is right in front of me is somehow surprisingly revolutionary. I thought how appropriate this quote is as it pertains to the area of high conflict divorce and custody cases. It seems to me that the family law community, the courts and the professionals that support the clients are having a difficult time getting away from the way they think the parents in high conflict cases should behave and what the reality of their plight actually is.

The Need For Parallel Parenting (04/12/10)
In the early stages of divorce, it is normal for tensions and emotions to be high. In fact, it’s more common than not. People need time and space in order to process their emotions and to find proper ways to both contain and appropriately express their anger over the shock, feelings of betrayal, abandonment and to get their head around how life is going to look in the future.

Mitigating High Conflict Divorce Disputes (08/24/08)
High levels of parental conflict have consistently been shown to be among the most destructive factors in both intact and divorced families. Currently, we have an epidemic of children caught up in the chaos and turmoil of parental conflict.