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David Hurley David Hurley LLM is a mediator with the Department of Labour based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has been full time in dispute resolution since 1991 formerly as a Member of the Employment Tribunal (mediations and adjudications) but has been focussed on mediations since 2000. Whilst mainly involved in employment matters he has also mediated family and commercial cases and for the Waitangi Tribunal. The last involved an intra-cultural case that he co-presented to the then SPIDR AGM in Los Angeles in 1996 with his co-mediator the late Sir Hoani Turei, a Tribunal Member. He has contributed articles and papers to LEADRNZ, AMINZ and NZ Law Society conferences and periodicals and contributed a chapter “Restorative Justice in the Civil Jurisdiction” to “Restorative Justice and Practices in NZ: Towards a Restorative Society” (2007 Maxwell and Liu ed., Institute of Policy Studies VUW). He is a tribal associate of Ngati Rangiteaorere, has been a Vice-President of the NZ Law Society and has chaired a number of charitable organisations. His contact is david.hurley@dol.govt.nz.

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From David Hurley (10/14/13)
Congratulations on this milestone. I always enjoy the newsletter and look forward to many more milestones in the future.

From David Hurley (10/11/11)
Seeing the mediate.com name pop up each week always gives me pleasurable anticipation. Most of the articles are outstanding, and all illuminate the issues of concern around the world. Being able to join in with this conversation is a great opportunity and has led to making some long term and long distance friendships. Congratulations on this milestone and I look forward to the next 400 issues and beyond.

Turning Points (03/29/10)
The impetus for this paper arose from an early appreciation that the experience of mediation could and does lead to personal growth of participants including not least the mediator. Moreover, in some mediations events occurred that were extraordinary in their impact on the participants with almost miraculous insights gained and impasses broken. What is this magic? How is triggered? What skills and processes open up such possibilities? Is there a typology of cases that lend themselves to such outcomes?

Greek Philosophy And Mediation Practice (07/07/08)
I am always interested in finding pearls of wisdom that illuminate what we do, or that identify fundamental human experiences that validate steps in the process one otherwise might have taken on trust.