Noa Zanolli

Noa Zanolli


Noa Zanolli, Ph.D., is a Swiss social anthropologist, teacher and mediator living in Bern, Switzerland. In the U.S., she worked for several years as a mediator in a community mediation center in Ames, IA, was Director of Education at the Iowa Peace Institute, and has been working internationally as a mediator trainer. She now is a member of the editorial board of the German/Swiss/Austrian quarterly journal „perspektive mediation“ ( and an associate of the IMTD (Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy,  Her website lists her books and articles (some in English, some in German). She is co-author of "Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace". The book can be downloaded as a PDF at


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Articles and Video:

When Conflict In The Workplace Escalates To Emotional Abuse (07/31/18)
Millions of men and women of all ages, ethnic, and racial backgrounds all across the U.S. hate going to work, gradually fall into despair and often become gravely ill. Some flee from jobs they used to love, others endure the situation unable to figure a way out.

Mediation is a Common Good (04/11/17)
Mediation does not belong to professionals and specialists only. The mere thought of mediation, its philosophy, mediation’s essence, is for the common good and so the question is: How could mediation become a common good?

From Nan Zanolli (10/14/13)
Congratulations and a great many thanks to all the continuously dedicated staff that keeps this precious and priceless site going! As I said last time: has become my "Mediation University."

From Noa Zanolli (10/11/11) is priceless! I consider it my ”mediation university” that also helps me, a Swiss mediator, keep easily abreast with issues that are of concern to American colleagues and with what is going on in other parts of the world. The Weekly – a super service! I never miss looking at it. And I greatly value Robert Benjamin’s "The Mediators: Views from the Eye of the Storm" series. What a superb learning opportunity!

The First Conversation between President Barack Obama and President Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad (12/08/08)
In the series of private and fictitious conversations among presidents and among state and non-state leaders that see each other as adversaries or even as enemies, comes this imagined dialogue between President Obama and President Ahmadinedjad. It takes place on Saturday, February 14, 2009 at the U.N. in Geneva.

Listening to the Language and the Voices of Terrorists (09/01/08)
What is terrorism telling us? What are terrorists saying with their horrific deeds? What grievance do these voices express—justified or not?

To Talk Or Not To Talk With The Enemy, That Is The Question (06/09/08)
President Bush and his secretary of state, Senators McCain, Clinton and Obama, and President Carter as well, have been embroiled in a debate about the level-headedness of talking to the enemy. The outcome of this debate will be decisive for the two remaining presidential candidates.