Jerry Slusky

Jerry Slusky Jerry Slusky is the founder and chairman of Slusky Mediation LLC.  Jerry serves local and regional clients in real estate and related matters. Jerry is known for his expertise in real estate planning, zoning, development, financing and leasing. In addition to legal training and experiences, Jerry is trained mediator who has studied with the Nebraska Office of Dispute Resolution. Jerry undertook an intensive mediation training workshop offered by the internationally recognized leader in the field of mediation, ADR Chambers.  He has eighty hours of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) training conducted in affiliation with Notre Dame University and the University of Windsor in Toronto.  Jerry is also a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).

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Articles and Video:

Slusky Mediation Process - Video (01/25/12)
Slusky Mediation explains how the mediation process can be successful, regardless of the complexity of the issues or parties. He also explains the typical emotional state of parties during the mediation process.

Mediating the Commercial Lease Dispute (04/21/08)
Commercial lease disputes are more readily resolved by mediation. Mediation has been successful in commercial real estate disputes for several reasons.