Carol Rice

Carol Rice, Owner/Partner of Conflict Resolution Academy, LLC, has over 19 years of combined professional experience in Human Resources and conflict management in both the private and public sectors.  Currently based in Atlanta, GA, Ms. Rice provides her clients with training services in all aspects of corporate and government human capitol development, including, but not limited to, skills in conflict management, including conflict between employees, conflict training for managers and system design.  Ms. Rice puts strong emphasis on program design, particularly in the areas of Early Intervention and Alternate Dispute Resolution. Her experience also encompasses an array of projects related to strategic planning, management development and employee motivation. Ms. Rice consults with a wide variety of clients at the senior management level regarding innovations in the area of program development, process improvement and leadership assessment. 

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Articles and Video:

Mediation and National Security Personnel System (NSPS) Pay for Performance: Can The Pitfalls Be Avoided? (12/10/07)
The implementation of Paybanding – “Pay for Performance” is happening now. Congress has enacted the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) into law with total implementation by all government agencies and military components 2009. Based on the guidelines and expectations set out by the National Security Personnel System, managers and employees now have greater demands for accountability placed on them than at any other time in history. Will mediators be ready for the sharp increase in complaint cases that will be referred to them?