William E. Hartgering

William E. Hartgering

William E. Hartgering, Esq. , a full-time mediator and arbitrator since transitioning from law practice in 1981, established the Chicago JAMS/ENDISPUTE office in 1982. His experience includes the resolution of over 1,000 matters arising in 50 states and foreign countries, appointments by federal and state judges in 10 states, co-mediations with a sitting federal judge and a variety of experts, panel arbitrations with former judges, as well as training with state, federal, and foreign governments in Asia and Europe. Over the last 26 years, counsel and their clients attribute Bill's success with particularly difficult issues to an “unusual mix of skills and style: he is intelligent yet very engaging, patient yet tenaciously persistent, and has the ability to be creative, facilitative as well as an effective evaluator.” “Bill has the following in abundance: humor, infectious outward optimism in the face of difficult obstacles, tirelessness in trying to make the mediation succeed, as well as objectivity.”

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Articles and Video:

Interview with Bill Hartgering - Views from the Eye of the Storm (01/18/16)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with William Hartgering, founder of Endispute and a JAMS mediator, filmed as part of Mediate.com's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

From Bill Hartgering (10/14/13)
You are, have for 18 years, and will continue to be our resource for historical narrative and cutting edge mediation practice. Thank you!

William Hartgering: Mediation Likeness to Improvisational Theater - Video (10/31/10)
William Hartgering explains the satisfaction he gets out of mediating and seeing parties change throughout the process.

William Hartgering: Benefit From Mediators Having Been Through Mediation - Video (07/28/10)
William Hartgering shares his personal experience going through divorce mediation as a mediator himself.

William Hartgering: Practicing Empathy With Parties - Video (07/09/10)
William Hartgering talks about his awareness of how difficult mediations can be, no matter how good the mediator is. He emphasizes importance of being empathetic in every mediation.

William Hartgering: Early Attempts to Institutionalize Mediation - Video (04/28/10)
William Hartgering describes early talks of pushing to institutionalize mediation and the influence of Getting to Yes, by Fisher and Ury.

William Hartgering: Suggestions to Future ADR Professionals - Video (04/16/10)
William Hartgering gives his thoughts on what prospective mediators should know and the future of alternative dispute resolution,

William Hartgering: Learning Occurs Even When Parties Do Not Settle - Video (05/28/09)
William Hartgering talks about his experience with mediating disputes that do not settle. He feels that no matter the end result, the parties are in a better situation afterward.

William Hartgering: Goods and Bads of Institutionalization - Video (04/28/09)
William Hartgering discusses how the institutionalization of mediation within the courts has been good for the overall field, but believes that more care can be taken when judges decree mediation for parties.


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Hartgering, Bill
Complete hour-long interview of Bill Hartgering by Robert Benjamin.