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Lisa Grant I am a matron in a University Teaching Hospital in the UK. My reflective article looks back as my experiences dealing with confrontational situations as a young nurse who was promoted into a managerial position after a short period of time. It reflects on the journey I have been on in order to achieve my current role and the measures I have put in place when dealing with confrontational situations. I have completed a module looking at conflict in the workplace as part of my MA in Management and Leadership.

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From Lisa Grant (08/31/07)
Mediate has helped me not only express my personal experiences with readers but has also helped my colleagues in the workplace gain the perceptions of others. This to me helps individuals understand the ongoing problem of workplace conflict. I would like to congratulate mediate on their 200th edition and thank them for recognising the need for people to be heard, educated and supported in dealing with difficult situations, whilst allowing me to share my experiences and become a better mediator.

Conflict Transformation - A Nurse Managers Experience Dealing With Confrontational Situations (07/27/07)
People are not always ready to deal with situations involving conflict that arise at home and in the worklace.The following article reflects on the experiences of a young inexperienced nurse dealing with confrontational situations. It follows the journey travelled in order to gain confidence and skill in conflict transformation.