Anna M. Wróbel

Anna M. Wróbel

Anna M. Wróbel

Anna is a member of the Polish Center for Mediation. She is an active mediator, negotiator and facilitator with wide experience of the Polish market and business environment. Anna's areas of expertise include group & organizational conflicts, multicultural conflicts, international & home business, family, automotive industry and telecommunications.

Anna graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, but her interest in multicultural business environment took her to Warsaw (the capital of Poland), where she works in Daewoo-FSO, taking part in the "due diligence" procedure. Soon she will move to TP SA (France Telecom Group) to work for the Supervisory Board.

Her interest in ADR methods and expert communication skills earned her a Postgraduate diploma in "Negotiation & Mediation", and her knowledge about international business was honed during "the International Relations and Diplomacy" postgraduate studies that ended with a Foreign Office internship.

Anna is fluent in French and English, she also speaks Spanish, Italian and Russian.

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Articles and Video:

An Unprecedented Mediation In Poland (10/20/08)
A few days ago the Polish media were savouring the news that the court had appointed a “professional mediator” in a lawsuit between Janusz Kaczmarek, former Minister of the Interior and Administration versus Jaroslaw Kaczynski former Prime Minister, now the chairman of the political party Law and Justice (PiS). Kaczmarek sued Kaczynski (civil case on infringement of personal goods) after being called „a sleeping agent” (communist agent, I presume). Such a statement is an insult in Poland.

Litigios colectivos de trabajo en Polonia y los métodos para resolverlos (10/12/08)
En la República Popular de Polonia los sindicatos estaban controlados por las autoridades. Los sindicatos libres emergentes eran ilegales en el sistema legal vigente, y no será hasta 1980 cuando tras numerosas huelgas laborales las autoridades concedieron legalizar a unos sindicatos.

Mediation In Poland (05/07/07)
In my first article I showed you a picture of Poland, country in which a totally new reality replaced the old system. Now let me take you on yet another short history tour of the judiciary system, and then show you how mediation works in Poland.

Poland: Meet Your Next-Door Neighbor (04/16/07)
Before telling you how mediation is doing in Poland I thought it appropriate to give you a picture of this country's past and present times so that you can see what influences Poles and their vision of dispute resolution.