Deborah Rothman

Deborah Rothman

Deborah Rothman has been a full-time mediator and arbitrator since 1992. She specializes in the resolution of complex business, commercial, employment, intellectual property, entertainment, partnership and real estate matters. She has mediated and arbitrated several thousand individual, multi-party and class cases, both domestically and internationally.

A magna cum laude graduate of Yale College, Deborah got her JD at NYU Law School and her Masters in Public Affairs at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School.  She is a member of the mediation and arbitration panels of the American Arbitration Association, ICDR, CPR, ADR Services, Judicate West, ARC and numerous other prestigious panels of neutrals.

Ms. Rothman has been named a Southern California Super Lawyer and a Best Lawyer in America every year since 2006. She sits on the Board of the College of Commercial Arbitrators, and is a former chair of both the Labor and Employment Law section and the ADR section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association. 

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Articles and Video:

Southern California Has a Mature Mediation Market (07/12/13)
This article discusses whether the elimination of court ADR Program will produce catastrophic backlogs. Southern California has a mature mediation market, and it should be able to respond well to the change.

Who Took the 'Me' Out of Mediation? (04/01/13)
I have witnessed the substantial trajectory of mediation's development from the time a handful of us presented lunchtime mediation trainings to groups of trial judges. At the time, mediation was still such a new concept that in some meetings we literally had to explain the difference between mediation and arbitration, and for years afterwards, many attorneys and judges still used the terms interchangeably. What I wonder is, Where is the Mediation field at now?

From Deborah Rothman (10/12/11)
I am so grateful to Jim Melamed for developing and growing this wonderful resource. Jim was doing this before there were blogs, if you can remember back that far in time; has become the #1 go-to resource for people all over the world to learn about every conceivable aspect of mediation. The articles are informative & substantive and written by top practitioners -- I learn new things every time I read one. Congratulations on 400 issues!

From Deborah Rothman (09/04/07)
My, I'm not the only one getting older! You have done so much to organize the information and the players in a field that has grown exponentially in so many directions. and SCMA are the first two places I direct Southern California newcomers to the field.

Take Steps To Ensure Mediated Settlements Can Be Enforced (11/11/06)
Ladies and gentlemen, start your word processors. Simmons v. Ghaderi, 2006 DJDAR 13065 (Sept. 29), may well have you revising your settlement documents before your next mediation. In Simmons , a majority of the 2nd District Court of Appeal enforced a mediated oral settlement agreement that did not comply with Evidence Code Sections 1115 et seq. The court ruled that the defendant, having divulged confidential mediation communications and having litigated the issue of the agreement's enforceability, was barred by the doctrine of estoppel from relying on the protections of mediation confidentiality.

National Tragedy Brings out the Best in Litigators & Litigants (10/31/01)
The barbaric terrorist attacks of September 11 have brought out the courage, patriotism and selflessness in millions of Americans. It will be interesting to see what effect those tragic events will have on litigators and litigants. A few early returns are most promising.