S. Glenn Sigurdson

S. Glenn Sigurdson

Glenn received his B.A. (Hons.) Economics from the University of Manitoba (1968); and his L.L.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in Toronto (1972).

He is a barrister and solicitor called to the Bars of Manitoba (1973), Saskatchewan (1979), and British Columbia (1989).

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Website: www.glennsigurdson.com

Articles and Video:

Glenn Sigurdson: Helping People Change Their Perspectives - Video (08/26/10)
Glenn Sigurdson talks about the notion of perception and how people's perceptions evolve and change over time and the role of the mediator is to create a safe environment for that to happen.

Sigurdson, Glenn: Mediation Is A Field - Video (08/04/10)
Glenn Sigurdson believes mediation is a field. He says mediators build processes for problems not the other way around which is what lawyers must do in the court system.

Interview with Glenn Sigurdson - Views from the Eye of the Storm (07/15/10)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Glenn Sigurdson, a leading Canadian public policy mediator and former President of the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution, filmed as part of Mediate.com's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Sigurdson, Glenn: Court vs. Mediation - Video (05/07/10)
Glenn Sigurdson expresses concern about the courts using ADR in their own image and not giving parties real choice. This is drawing power away from the field.

Sigurdson, Glenn: Mediators Do Not Eliminate Differences - Video (01/04/10)
Glenn Sigurdson believes that the role of the mediator is to work with the parties to design a process that creates an opportunity to have a conversation about their differences.

Sigurdson, Glenn: Mediator Must Evolve With Process - Video (12/29/09)
Mediation is a lot like growing a garden. The mediator must evolve with the parties and not impose his way of thinking. Mediator must ask lots of questions to move the parties forward.

Mediate.com Inside: Megatrends in Economics, Glenn Sigurdson (10/26/09)
S. Glenn Sigurdson speaks on megatrends involving economics at the Keystone Conference, October, 2006

Glenn Sigurdson: Certification Process - Video (06/18/09)
Glenn Sigurdson shares his conflicted feelings about the ongoing debate in the field about certification. Intermediaries exist in every culture; training and certification are important and he has concerns about their purpose and intention.

S. Glenn Sigurdson: Steering From Behind - Video (05/21/09)
Glenn Sigurdson talks about the importance of slowing down, especially at the beginning of a mediation. He calls this steering from behind. The slower you go at the beginning the faster you will go at the end.

Keystone Conference: Megatrends for Mediators in Economics (11/28/06)
There are economic structures that are plausible alternatives that are shaping the world. The key drivers are the market: coercion and regulation, and community. The key goals are efficiency, security, and social cohesion. Video


click here for a larger image Presenters speak on megatrends involving technology, economics, politics, media, law, governance, society and culture.  Held at the Keystone Conference, October 2006.