Ann Gosline

Ann Gosline

Ann Gosline is a practicing attorney since 1976, full-time neutral mediator, facilitator, trainer/consultant and arbitrator since 1984. Extensive experience mediating and arbitrating complex employment, environmental and public policy disputes. Has served as a mediator or arbitrator for over one thousand disputes arising in the federal, state, and municipal government, schools and institutions of higher education, and the health care, mining, construction, airline, manufacturing, retail, and utilities industries throughout New England and in the Midwest. Extensive experience as facilitator/mediator of multi-party public policy issues, including watershed planning, negotiated rulemaking, development of proposed legislation involving state-wide transportation planning, wetlands and water quality protection, fisheries management, agricultural activities, and state-wide environmental risk assessment and environmental priority setting, health system reform, access to health care, and allocation of legal resources to low income citizens.

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Articles and Video:

Ann Gosline Interview: The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society (07/01/19)
The wider Influence of mediation and negotiative thinking beyond practice.

Remembering Jonathan Reitman (07/10/14)
We lost a leader and wise teacher of conflict resolution when Jonathan Reitman passed away on June 7th after more than a decade of working and living with cancer. Inside: Megatrends in Society, Ann Gosline (10/27/09)
Ann Gosline speaks on megatrends involving society & culture at the Keystone Conference, October, 2006

Keystone Conference: Megatrends for Mediators in Society & Culture (11/28/06)
Ann Gosline speaks to social and cultural trends involving the media & technology, economic and demographic forces, signs of encouragement and the search for meaning in a scary world. Video


click here for a larger image Presenters speak on megatrends involving technology, economics, politics, media, law, governance, society and culture.  Held at the Keystone Conference, October 2006.