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David Silvera David Silvera is an educator and mediator living in Israel.

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From David Silvera (10/14/13)
The Mediate com is a source of professional knowledge and information to me -and through me - to thousands of Israelis who enjoy reading Mediate com. articles in the largest Israeli mediation website : www.sulcha.co.il -- I congratulate Mediate com to continue and keep their status as the leading professional information source on Mediation and conflict resolution.

From David Silvera (08/30/07)
As a senior mediator, chief editor of www.sulcha.co.il - the Israeli mediation website and chairman of the association of Israeli mediators, I Congratulate "Mediate-com" and its entire staff -past and present, on the 200th bi-weekly newsletter issue. Mediate-com has been a source of knowledge and a platform for dialogue. It has benefited mediators, students, academic institutions and the public.

Mediation and its Role in Adult Education (11/06/06)
This article explores mediation as a tool, which can help any individual in his relationships with his fellow men, and also a philosophy of life, which can become a relevant and significant subject within Adult Education programs, and widen the horizons of those who participate in the life long process of learning.