Gail Bingham

Gail Bingham

Gail Bingham is President of RESOLVE, Inc. and has been a practicing mediator for over 25 years, specializing in environment, natural resources, health and other public policy issues. She has written extensively about environmental dispute resolution, and conducts negotiation skills training programs. She currently facilitates EPA’s Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee.

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Articles and Video:

Interview with Gail Bingham (03/21/16)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Gail Bingham, President of RESOLVE, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Gail Bingham: Framing Questions to Help Parties Negotiate - Video (10/04/10)
Gail Bingham describes an environmental case where there were concerns. Framing questions properly is important in these cases.

Gail Bingham: Future Environmental Policy Mediators - Video (04/18/10)
Gail Bingham shares her views on how up-and-coming mediators should start mediating from the very beginning, involving all the parties in an assessment or diagnosis of the dispute.

Gail Bingham: Impartiality Versus Neutrality - Video (10/08/09)
Gail Bingham shares what interests her in mediating disputes and speaks of impartiality vs. neutrality.

Gail Bingham: More Voices in Mediation Lead to Stronger Democracies - Video (10/04/09)
Gail Bingham explains she has a bias because she feels that the more people who are given a voice in mediation, the stronger it will make our democratic institutions.

Gail Bingham: Starting Out in Environmental Mediation - Video (10/04/09)
Gail Bingham describes her motivation for getting into the field of environmental mediation.

Gail Bingham: Positives in Public Policy Mediation - Video (10/04/09)
Gail Bingham shares what she feels has been a positive development in the ADR field, particularly in public disputes.

Gail Bingham: Careful Framing Question - Video (08/20/09)
Gail Bingham explains an example of a classic environmental dispute and how mediator's role is essential in framing questions to both sides.

Gail Bingham: Role of Science in Environmental Mediation - Video (05/28/09)
Gail Bingham discusses how science and scientists play a part in environmental disputes.

Gail Bingham: Desire to Increase Mediation - Video (05/14/09)
Gail Bingham discusses her thoughts on how mediation can play a larger part in the implementation phase of an agreement.


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Bingham, Gail
Complete hour-long interview of Gail Bingham by Robert Benjamin.