Joseph Stulberg

Joseph Stulberg

Joseph Stuhlberg is a John W. Bricker Professor of Law, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law - John W. Bricker Professor of Law (2005-present) - Professor of Law (1998 - present); - Associate Dean for Faculty (2006 - 2009).

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Articles and Video:

Successful Mediation Techniques in Complex Disputes (06/14/20)
Joe Stulberg shares how great mediators he's observed are very analytical and have a sense of pragmatic creativity.

Interview with Joseph Stulberg - Views from the Eye of the Storm (02/13/18)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Joe Stuhlberg, a leading mediation law professor, filmed as part of's "'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Stulberg, Joe: Teaching Conflict Resolution - Video (11/28/10)
Joe Stulberg emphasizes his love of teaching and notes that the teaching methods used in conflict resolution and mediation trainings are innovative techniques within the field of pedagogy.

Stulberg, Joe: Concern: Quality of Trainings - Video (09/28/10)
Stulberg shares his concern about trainings that are given in too short of time or which are either over-lecturing or doing too much role-play

Joe Stuhlberg: Love of the Third Party Role - Video (09/16/10)
Joe Stulberg shares his enthusiasm for being the third party and seeing the multiple perspectives of the parties.

Stulberg, Joe: Concerns with Evaluative Mediation - Video (07/28/10)
Joe Stulberg discusses how an evaluative approach does not reach the potential mediation has.

Stulberg, Joe: Transformative Mediation - Video (06/28/10)
Joe Stulberg discusses how transformative mediation's foundation is not problem-solving.

Joe Stulberg: Teaching Law Students to Mediate - Video (06/18/10)
Joe Stulberg discusses teaching law students a different set of skills and the appropriate language to address the needs of the parties.

Joe Stuhlberg: Teaching Mediation Skills - Video (05/07/10)
Joe Stulberg describes some teachable mediation skills - creating the physical environment and initiating discussion, identifying mediation vs. non-mediation issues, and propelling people to consider a variety of options.

Stulberg, Joe: Trainers Should Be Clear About Approach - Video (04/28/10)
Joe Stulberg emphasizes the importance of the trainer disclosing what type of training approach and mediation style they are teaching.

Stulberg, Joe: Negotiable Issues in Mediation - Video (01/28/10)
Joe Stulberg points out examples of what negotiable issues are in a mediation as opposed to mediating parties' emotions and labels

Joseph Stuhlberg: View on Certification - Video (04/13/09)
Stulberg talks about certification and regulations surrounding practice. He believes the key to mediation competency is quality of training.