Kimberlee Kovach

Kimberlee Kovach

Kimberlee K. Kovach has nearly thirty years experience in mediation as a leading teacher, trainer, scholar and practitioner.  She is a Past Chair of the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, as well as a former Chair of the State Bar of Texas ADR Section.  Professor Kovach has taught a variety of ADR courses in legal education for over fifteen years, and is the author of a text book for law school use, Mediation:  Principles And Practice (3rd ed. 2004). She is also the author of Mediation In A Nutshell (2003). Kovach has published numerous law review articles, book chapters as well as short articles on a variety of ADR  and related topics.  She has lectured extensively throughout the United States and abroad, and serves as a mediator, arbitrator, and trainer.  She currently serves as the Distinguished Lecturer in Dispute Resolution at South Texas College of Law.

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Articles and Video:

Married Mediators: Kim Kovach and Eric Galton (01/18/22)
An interview with Kim Kovach and Eric Galton about mediation, being married to a mediator, and the future of mediation. Recorded and shared as part of the Mediation 20/20 Conference.

A Conversation on the Challenges of Mediation Practice (03/13/20)
To learn more about the challenges of mediation practice and how the practice has evolved, Kimberlee Kovach recently sat down with Jeffrey Krivis, Judith Meyer, and Larry Watson to get their perspectives.

Kimberly Kovach: Hopes for the Future - Video (04/04/10)
Kimberly Kovach shares her hopes for the future. These include having ADR taught in schools so people can build a skillset, shifting the resistance to mediation into have people collaborate more.

Kimberly Kovach: Evaluative Mediation to Marginilize Clients - Video (11/03/09)
Kimberly Kovach discusses the process of evaluative mediation and how it can marginilize clients.

Kim Kovach: Mediation Growing in Popularity - Video (07/02/09)
Kim Kovach talks about how mediation as become more popular and accepted, but how many people see it as part of the legal system - not a stand-alone process.

Kimberly Kovach: Goals When First Starting Out in Field - Video (07/02/09)
Kimberly Kovach shares her two main objectives when she began mediating - provide people with a process in which they could participate in decision-making and have control over the outcome & teaching parties new skills to enable them to resolve conflict on their own.

Kimberly Kovach: Mediation Movement from the 1970s to 2010 - Video (06/02/09)
Kovach describes the development of mediation from experimental programs to research to implementation and now to regulation.

Kimberly Kovach: Downside to Growth of Court Mediation - Video (04/22/09)
Kimberly Kovach shares her concern with the growth of court-connected mediations. She believes that there are many more disputes outside the courts that could benefit from mediation.

Kimberly Kovach: Culture of Right and Wrong - Video (01/02/09)
Kimberly Kovach describes society's culture of right and wrong and how we don't have to think in those terms. We can resolve a conflict without determining who is right and who is wrong.