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Elizabeth Tippin Elizabeth A. Tippin is an attorney in private practice in San Francisco and a commercial mediator on the panel with the San Francisco Bar Association. She has extensive experience in representing design professionals and she is an allied member of the AIA, actively participating on the Small Business Committee.

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From Elizabeth Tippin (08/30/07)
I have used mediate.com as a valuable resource for information on trainings, mediation topics, and as a resource for me to write about a topic that is dear to my heart- mediation. Thanks for being there.

The Paradigm Shift In Conflict Resolution Methodology (04/30/01)
It wasn't long ago that if a dispute could not be resolved through direct negotiation, the next step was the traditional court legal system. At that time our courts were five to ten years backlogged and by the time the case was tried, memories were faded, witnesses were dead, and the passion was often gone from the dispute. Arbitration became a method of alternative dispute resolution. However, over the past 20 years there has been a paradigm shift in conflict resolution methodology.