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Roberta Morris Dr. Roberta Morris specializes in narrative and facilitative mediation models. She is author of several novels and works of non-fiction, including the resource Ending Violence in Families. Presently she is writing Artful Mediation, compiling best practices that draw upon the many gifts people bring to the table as they find means to resolve their conflicts.

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From Roberta Morris (10/14/13) is my go-to place when I'm trying to find a new way to resolve a new problem... or a very old problem. The methods people describe are as ancient as society and as innovative as... well, using the internet to connect people to solutions and to other people who might be able to help. Thank you, Jim Melamed, CEO of Resourceful Internet Solutions Inc and Thank you, all the mediators who have contributed. And thank you, all you clients seeking peace. You teach us so much.

Your Conflict Set To Music (11/02/09)
Consider how orchestrated music makes people relax. Dentists pipe it into their waiting rooms to calm frayed nerves, and mediators might do the same, but music can do much more throughout a mediation.

Advancing the Plot: Narrative Therapy and Artful Mediation (05/25/09)
Particularly in family mediations a narrative therapist working in tandem with the mediator can be immensely useful in ‘advancing the plot’ toward resolution. Indeed, narrative mediation has its roots in narrative therapy. The parties in a mediation, just like writers, are engaged in developing a common story, developing their characters and advancing the plot to achieve resolution.

Positively Different (08/13/06)
Compatibility doesn’t mean sameness. This article explores how pairing co-mediators with very different personalities and skills can create a team that models the appreciation and usefulness of differences. Clients then learn to appreciate their differences as various gifts they bring to a joint enterprise. When working with a mediator who complements your strengths, and compensates for your weaknesses this dynamic sum is certainly greater than the parts.