Herman Bingham

Herman Bingham

Herman Bingham is former Manager, EEO Dispute Resolution for the US Postal Service, Chicago District and served as case manager for the REDRESS® program there.

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Website: www.transformativemediation.org

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From Herman Bingham (09/04/07)
Congratulations Mediate.com on achieving 200 issues! John Melamed provides a thorough summary of the many ways Mediate.com serves mediators. I am grateful for the chance to give a personal testimonial on the value of Mediate.com to me. The chief value of Mediate.com for me is its courage in presenting diverse opinions on mediation. 3,000 articles provide a wide range of opinions, all in one place. So here is one more opinion: Mediate.com is the premier site not only for hearing today’s different voices in the discipline, but also for being heard. I say this because, whether you practice conflict transformation or conflict cessation, your voice can be heard at Mediate.com. Whether your presentation style is bombastic, oracular, well-reasoned or contemplative, you can be heard here. Your voice can be heard whether you think of mediation as a craft or an art, as using skills or support. Whether you think the best use of mediation is in being transformative, facilitative, evaluative or even manipulative, your voice will not be excluded from this most democratic conversation about mediation. By providing the virtual space for interested parties to be heard, Mediate.com supports the field and helps it develop. It is in allowing the facts and the feelings, the sense and the nonsense to surface and be heard, that we can choose the ideas most useful to us at this point in our practices. And while there can be no guarantee that ideas about mediation will continue to mature, if they do, Mediate.com will surely play a large role in that maturation. Thank you for all your efforts these past 12 years in helping us get this far. And again, Congratulations!

Transforming Chicago: The Purpose of Partnering (08/07/06)
Herman Bingham, former Manager, EEO Dispute Resolution for the US Postal Service, Chicago District and case manager for the REDRESS® program there, describes his experiences in partnering with the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation in order to foster discussion about the transformative model among REDRESS mediators and thereby enhance their practice confidence and competence.