Alan Simpson

Alan Simpson holds a Master of Arts degree in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. He has 20 years of experience pastoring churches and is currently on staff with Outreach Canada as Director of Transitional Ministries and Network Coach for Church Health & Revitalization. He is financially supported by the Church of Surrey to lead the Surrey Pastors Network and is a referral mediator for the Clergy Care Network (Focus on the Family Canada). He provides training seminars for leaders, congregations, and Bible schools on dealing with interpersonal and organizational conflict

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From Alan Simpson (08/30/07)
As a conflict coach for non-profit organization and Canadian Churches has proven to be a great resource for articles and discussions. Congratulations on your 200th bi-weekly edition.

The Role of Law in Conflict Management (01/28/02)
The task of this paper is to explore the relationship between law and conflict management. This paper has four components: stated assumptions of law, underlying values that affect the relationship, the impact of the legal process on present day forms of dispute resolution models, and questions for future ponderings. The conclusion of this paper expresses the beliefs of this learner's present and developing understanding of law and its relationship to conflict management.