Maxine Baker-Jackson

Maxine Baker-Jackson

Maxine Baker-Jackson, J.D., LCSW, R.N., Director and Mediator, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Dependency Court, Los Angeles, CA. Maxine was supervisor and mediator in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Conciliation Court/Civil Mediator Panel, a member of AFCC, SCMA, CDRD, former Board member of AFM, and current ACR member. She was recognized in 1995 by SCMA for contributions to the field of mediation and similarly in 2002 by the Juvenile Court BAR for mediation services to Dependency Court clients.

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Articles and Video:

Interview with Maxine Baker-Jackson (10/02/18)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Maxine Baker-Jackson, former Director and Mediator, Los Angeles County Superior Court, Dependency Court, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Maxine Baker-Jackson: Judgement Difficult to Surmount - Video (11/01/09)
Maxine Baker-Jackson talks about the challenge of overcoming her tendency to judge during mediations.

Maxine Baker-Jackson: Low Population of Minorities in Field - Video (09/01/09)
Maxine Baker-Jackson shares her difficulty in understanding why minorities may not be more active in the mediation field and other professions.

Maxine Baker-Jackson: Lower Conflict in Nursing Profession - Video (07/02/09)
Maxine Baker-Jackson talks about how the nursing profession has improved because of the increased awareness of the policies and environments that were causing conflict.

Maxine Baker-Jackson: Change that Institutionalization Brings - Video (07/01/09)
Maxine Baker-Jackson talks about the loss of energy and excitement within the field due to institutionalization.

Maxine Baker-Jackson: Start in Mediation - Video (07/01/09)
Maxine Baker-Jackson describes that coming into mediation was a natural consequence.

Maxine Baker-Jackson: Mediation in California's Public Sector - Video (07/01/09)
Maxine Baker-Jackson shares how mandatory mediation came about in California with support from the judges.

Maxine Baker-Jackson: Preventing Escalation of Parties - Video (07/01/09)
Maxine Baker-Jackson talks about the challenge of being an intermediary and preventing escalation by being non-bias and non-partial.

Maxine Baker-Jackson: Probate Position Helpful -Video (04/16/09)
Maxine Baker-Jackson discusses that her position as a probation officer of young girls helped her gain a better understanding of conflict and learning how to manage it.

Maxine Baker-Jackson: Conflict in Healthcare Profession - Video (03/01/09)
Maxine Baker-Jackson talks about the conflict she felt in the relationship between nurses and doctors in the nursing profession.


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Baker-Jackson, Maxine
Complete one hour interview of Maxine Baker-Jackson by Robert Benjamin