Susan Epstein

Susan Epstein

Susan Landerson Epstein brings an added dimension to Conflict Resolution Services, Inc. clients through her combined expertise of business law and health care management. Ms. Epstein counsels business and professional clients in corporate law, partnership law, business law, health care law, employment law, contract law, tax exempt organizational law, and mental health law.

Ms. Epstein's interest in business evolved from her work as a scientific editor/researcher at Bell Labs and her subsequent involvement in health care management in New York. After earning a Masters Degree in HealthCare Administration in 1973, Ms. Epstein spent seven years as an administrator at National Jewish Hospital and Research Center in Denver, blending her insight in business with that of health care administration.

Ms. Epstein was a partner in the healthcare section of Saunders, Snyder, Ross & Dickson and then a partner at Sabey, Epstein, Ordeheide & Smith, a law firm specializing in healthcare law.

In 1994, Ms. Epstein became a shareholder at Epstein & Epstein. She has participated in a number of mergers and acquisitions, guided national corporate restructuring projects, and helped medical practices resolve complex business law and often assisted clients in the analysis and formation of new business and nonprofit entities.


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