Myra Isenhart

Myra Warren Isenhart, Ph.D. teaches, writes and consults about ADR. Currently an adjunct faculty member at the Regis University Graduate Program in Conflict Resolution, she designs and teaches courses such asThe Psychology of Conflict and Organizational Conflict Management. Previously, she served on faculties at the University of Denver, the University of Colorado at Denver and St. Thomas Theological Seminary. Her B.A. is from Wellesley College, her MA & PhD in Human Communication are from the University of Denver.

Myra has extensive training in Alternative Dispute Resolution, including seminars from CDR and Harvard Law School. Dr. Isenhart has thirty years of experience in consulting, training and coaching communication skills for the workplace. She is the author of many articles and the co-author of Collaborative Approaches to Resolving Conflict (2000) and Negotiation As A Way of Life (2003), both published by Sage. Her latest research topic is forgiveness.

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Articles and Video:

Hiding in Plain Sight (07/10/11)
How mediators can build on employee efforts at managing conflict.

ADR Processes: Applications For Managing Organizational Change (05/01/06)
The elements for successful organizational change parallel the priorities of ADR processes designed for effective problem solving. Both involve sharing information necessary for identifying potential or existing problems; involvement and commitment of stakeholders who have a vested interest in outcomes; design of a strategy for meeting needs of affected parties; and development of an agreement that can be refined as needs change. Both change management initiatives and ADR processes share the goal of helping parties through transitions.