Bill Withers

Bill Withers

Bill Withers is a mediator and mediator educator who has written books for mediator educators and for people who find themselves in conflict at work. His most recent book is the second edition of Resolving Conflicts on the Job (AMACOM).  He has also written The Conflict Management Skills Workshop and (with Keami D. Lewis) The Conflict and Communication Activity Book, both from AMACOM Books.

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Articles and Video:

Mic Check (02/06/12)
What if those who would change the world engaged in a conversation about what will replace whatever we want to tear down? What if protest included conversation? What if people who read this bravely begin talking to me and to others about it?

From Bill Withers (09/06/07) is a monthly touchstone that reminds mediators and peace workers that there are others out there thinking about and working on the same issues. It is a source of community, and a place to keep your thinking fresh. - Bill Withers, author "The Conflict and Communication Activity Book" and "Resolving Conflicts on the Job".

Escalation: Jesus Fish and Darwin Feet (05/23/06)
This simple escalation may be tongue-in-cheek to some, deadly serious to others, and just a chance to sell stuff that people can put on cars for still others. The fact that we can’t tell what motivates someone to choose fish or amphibian for the back of his or her car suggests a key lesson to be learned about conflict escalation.