Hugh McIssac

Hugh McIssac

Hugh McIssac is the former director of family court services for Multnomah County, OR.

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Articles and Video:

From Hugh McIssac (10/14/13) has been one of the best sources of information about the emerging field of mediation. Congratulations on a job well done.!!!

Interview with Hugh McIssac - Views from the Eye of the Storm (05/30/11)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Hugh McIssac, former director of the Los Angeles court-annexed mediation program, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Hugh McIssac: Concern for the Field - Video (06/25/10)
Hugh McIssac shares his concern of mediation being perverted into a form of evaluation. A court-connected mediator sees clients in highly stressful situations and makes recommendations to the court based on those encounters.

McIssac, Hugh: Family Culture Requires Change in Response - Video (11/29/09)
Hugh McIssac examines the family in a historical context and what changes have come about recently that require more diverse responses.

Hugh McIssac: Starting Out: Early Methodology and Model - Video (07/16/09)
Hugh McIssac explains how he and others wanted to find a model where, unlike the adversary system, had people working together to resolve disputes. They started using a labor model.

McIssac, Hugh: Psychoanalysis - Video (06/29/09)
Hugh McIssac talks about psychoanalysis and how early practitioners couldn't practice it, though they invented it. 

Hugh McIssac: Tiered Model for Divorcing Parents - Video (05/07/09)
Hugh McIssac describes a tiered model used in the Oregon courts for divorcing parents. If one process doesn't work, parents must move through the system of tiers, or processes, until they can work together.

McIssac, Hugh: Transformative Mediation Approach - Video (04/29/09)
Hugh McIssac discusses the transformative approach and how it is closer to a therapeutic process than one where the main objective is to resolve disputes. 

McIssac, Hugh: Confidentiality Varies by State, County - Video (04/29/09)
Hugh McIssac talks about some different policies of confidentiality between California and Oregon.

Hugh McIssac: Child Custody Mediation - Video (04/13/09)
Hugh McIssac shares an example of a child custody mediation he had early on. He notes that the positive outcome that resulted would never have occurred if it had been a court's decision.

From Hugh McIssac (08/30/07) is an essential resource for the field of mediation. Over the years, it has been a wonderful source of information about our field - invaluable and timely.