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Judy Ringer Judy Ringer is the author of Unlikely Teachers: Finding the Hidden Gifts in Daily Conflict, containing stories and practices on the connection between Aikido and conflict. As the founder of Power & Presence Training, Judy specializes in unique workshops on conflict, communication, and creating a more positive work environment. She is a black belt in Aikido and founder of Portsmouth Aikido, Portsmouth, NH, USA.

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We Have to Talk: A Step-By-Step Checklist for Difficult Conversations (07/30/19)
What you have here is a brief synopsis of best practice strategies: a checklist of action items to think about before going into the conversation.

Conflict Resolution for Kids (08/22/14)
My good friend and colleague, Thomas Crum, taught me a lot of what I know about having hard conversations. A method he uses with children - the BLT - is so simple and easy to remember, I often use it and have found it to work very well with children and adults: Breathe, Learn, Talk.

Being Heard: Mental and Verbal Strategies for Getting Your Point Across (04/25/14)
We all want to be heard. It's gratifying, empowering, and makes us feel valued. And in a difference of opinion, we want our side to be represented. We want others to get who we are and to hear our valid arguments, even if they don't agree with us–though, of course, we'd like that to happen as well.

Hidden Gifts: What Aikido Can Teach Us About Conflict (11/28/11)
Conflict stories are our most interesting stories. When you see two people deeply engaged in conversation, chances are that one of them is telling a conflict story. They’re fascinating. And we have such strong opinions about them, especially when they are our stories. We live them again and again as we revisit the events, the feelings, the thoughts about what we should have said, and how perfect things could be if only our adversaries would change.

From Judy Ringer (08/30/07)
Thanks to Mediate.com for your many years of relevant education, support, and your comprehensive coverage of the global mediation community!

Improve Your Ability to Handle Workplace Conflict: An Interview with Judy Ringer (09/18/06)
Recently a local newspaper interviewed Judy Ringer on the subjects of workplace conflict, difficult people, and how to manage them more effectively.