Bob Blyth

Bob Blyth Bob Blyth is listed on the Idaho Supreme Court’s list of Child Custody Mediators, certified as a Professional Mediator by the Idaho Mediation Association, an Idaho Mediation Association director, the lead mediator for the Eastern Idaho Better Business Bureau, a volunteer Parent –Teen Mediator, and a principal in Idaho-Mediation.

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From Bob Blyth (09/04/07) epitomizes what futurists envisioned the internet would be. It is an information repository where knowledge is openly provided by and accessible to all, ultimately making the world a better place.

Parent – Teen Conflict, Managing it Constructively (03/28/06)
“Parent – Teen Conflict, Managing it Constructively” deals with managing the conflict inherent in parent – teen relationships, why managing this conflict constructively is important and some tools that parents and teens can use to manage their conflicts constructively.