Norman Pickell

Norman Pickell Norman Pickell is a mediator and lawyer based in Goderich, Ontario, Canada. He received his law degree in 1972 and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1974. Although Norman carries on a general law practice as well as a general mediation practice, he has extensive experience in family law. Norman is also a part-time Judge of the Small Claims Court in Ontario.

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Articles and Video:

Mediation For Seniors (01/05/10)
As seniors grow older, decisions often need to be made about where to live, should the senior continue to drive, how should financial affairs be managed and what kind of medical care is appropriate. These are tough emotional decisions often requiring difficult conversations within a family.

Reluctant to Mediate (06/25/02)
Mediation is a wonderful way for people to resolve disputes. But before mediation can begin, all parties to the dispute must be willing to participate. Sometimes one of the parties is hesitant to go to mediation. This article examines some of the reasons why people are reluctant to try mediation and what can be done to overcome that reluctance.

Child Support And Mediation (12/14/00)
Perhaps the most important benefit of mediation in child support (and family law) cases is the preservation of the relationship that must exist between parents after separation. Once you are parents, you are parents forever!

In Family Law, How is Mediation Different from a Settlement Meeting (04/17/00)
I arrange Settlement Meetings for clients. My success rate of settling the case at or shortly after the Settlement Meeting is pretty good. Therefore, I don't need to worry about Mediation ! Besides, Mediation would just add more cost to my client's separation/divorce.