Jeff Rifleman

Jeff Rifleman

Jeff D. Rifleman is an advocate for family and parental rights issues in Salt Lake City, Utah. He received his training in mediation from the University of Utah and continues to volunteer his time to mediation programs in the community. 

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Articles and Video:

Mediation as a Modern Alternative Dispute Resolution Device - part 2 (06/04/18)
In the spectrum of the recognized alternative dispute resolutions devices, mediation is perhaps the most flexible device allowing party control of outcomes through a structured process.

Mediation as a Modern Alternative Dispute Resolution Device - part 1 (05/25/18)
Focusing on issues and discussion on confidentiality, this article also looks at participation requirements and enforcement of agreements.

Mandatory Mediation: Implications and Challenges (12/19/05)
Divorce Mediation. Mandatory Mediation. Good Faith Medation. Alternative Dispute Resolution. Arbitration. These are all terms and programs that contemporary judicial systems are using in attempts to reduce overfilled court dockets, costly trials and the time it takes for parties to resolve their differences. Are these programs just another way to resolve conflicts, or are they restricting access and rights to traditional court lititgation?