Mara Prieditis

Mara Prieditis is in her third year of law school at California Western School of Law. Mara received her Bachelor of Arts in political Science and History from Rutgers University in 1998. She worked as a research assistant for the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies in Washington D.C. and later went on to do graduate work at the University of Latvia in Riga, Latvia. Mara taught History at a college preparatory high school in New Jersey for three years before deciding to pursue a Juris Doctor at California Western. In addition to her law degree, she plans on earning a concentration in International and Comparative Law from California Western, and is a certified mediatior with Bridge Mediation.


Articles and Video:

Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation: differences and similarities from an International and Italian business perspective (08/16/04)
While mediation is a concept widely used in U.S., it has yet to truly benefit the legal community in Italy as a viable means to settle disputes. In Italy, mediation is a concept that is often mistakenly confused with conciliation; although the two methods have similar aspects, they are fundamentally different. To appreciate the differences between arbitration, mediation and conciliation, it is helpful to explain them separately. and to introduce the concept of mediation in the international business arena.