Patricia Bertschler

Patricia Bertschler

Patricia Bertschler, LPCC, is a Mediator, Author, and Co-Owner of Northcoast Conflict Solutions in Seven Hills, Ohio.

Patricia (Patti) Bertschler speaks extensively throughout Ohio on topics related to behavioral health and conflict in the workplace with her background as a licensed clinical counselor (Ohio #E1638), trained mediator, and her work at Parma Community General Hospital’s Behavioral Center for Older Adults and at Windsor Behavioral Health Center, Chagrin Falls, OH.  Patti is co-author of TRUCE! Using Elder Mediation to Resolve Conflict among Families, Seniors, and Organizations published in 2004. 

In her private counseling practice with a gentle version of the “Dr. Phil approach,” Patti specializes in wellness in transition, assertiveness training, relationship issues, eldercare, post-abortion syndrome, low-grade trauma and conflict resolution. She earned her BA in English and Social Psychology from Notre Dame College of Ohio and her MA in Counseling and Human Services from John Carroll University. Patti is active in her church, volunteers on the Advisory Board at Womankind, Inc., enjoys beating her husband at Scrabble, and designs very creative silk floral arrangements.

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Articles and Video:

A Survey of Public Awareness of Elder Mediation In Northeast and Central Ohio (02/15/13)
As private practitioners in the field of mediation over the past fifteen years, we have struggled along with our professional colleagues nationwide to increase public awareness of alternative dispute resolution, particularly mediation. We have been gratified to see awareness grow due to the work of many individuals and professional advocacy groups, as evidenced by this survey.

Addressing The Imbalance Of Power In Elder Mediation Cases (05/04/09)
This chapter is devoted to the complex process of identifying where a power imbalance exists in mediation and dealing with those situations in a productive and compassionate fashion.

From Patti Bertschler (08/30/07)
Congratulations to on your "200th." In an unregulated area such as mediation, you provide invaluable support, networking, education and a sense of connectedness to those of us in the field. My best to you all.

Elder Mediation: New Role In Healthcare (09/20/04)
As nurses, professional caregivers, and mediators we can all regale ourselves with accounts of family conflicts that seem to reach new heights as they unfold before us. We are amazed by what people say, at their behaviors in front of strangers, and to what levels they will go to hold fast to fiercely held beliefs and positions.