Avi Schneebalg

Avi Schneebalg

Avi Schneebalg is an attorney-at-law and commercial mediator based in Brussels. He has been lecturing on, teaching and practicing business mediation in several countries since many years. He is the co-author of the first book written in another language than English on mediation advocacy.

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From Avi Schneebalg (09/05/07)
Mediate.com is to the mediation business what Variety is to show business: the Bible, and fun to read too... Congratulations and looking forward to many more years of superior service to the mediation community!

Mediators in Need of Momentum: ADR in Europe (01/13/03)
Mediation got off to a good start in Europe. Heralded as a solution to clogged-up courts, spiralling legal fees and business relationships torn apart by gladiatorial lawyers, it enjoyed a big initial take-up in some countries during the early and mid-1990s. However, the movement towards alternative dispute resolution is in danger of stalling in Europe.