Barbara McAdoo

Barbara McAdoo

Barbara McAdoo, is a professor and Senior Fellow at Hamline University Dispute Resolution Institute. Herb expertise is in  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mediation and negotiation; empirical research on ADR; design and development of court ADR programs 

Professor McAdoo has taught at the law school since 1984 and founded and directed the Dispute Resolution Institute from 1991 to 1998. She also started the successful summer program of courses at Hamline, taught by nationally prominent ADR professors and practitioners. She is a leader in the provision of negotiation and mediation skills training for lawyers and judges in Minnesota and nationally. From 1998 to 2001, Professor McAdoo was professor and director of the LL.M. in Dispute Resolution degree program at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

She has worked with state courts institutionalizing ADR, and has written and lectured widely on mediation and her research into the expectations of lawyers and judges in court-annexed mediation programs. Professor McAdoo frequently speaks on evaluation in the ADR field and was a member of the advisory bodies to both the Minnesota and Missouri Supreme Court ADR efforts. She served as a trainer for the national USPS REDRESS mediation program and was an arbitrator for class action claims involving Northwest Airlines and the Dalkon Shield Claimants’ trust.

Professor McAdoo’s current national service includes the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution CLE board, and the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution. She was co-chair of the first Legal Educator’s Colloquium sponsored by AALS and the Dispute Resolution Section of the ABA. Professor McAdoo is a past chair of the AALS Dispute Resolution Section. Consistent with her interest in evaluation, her current teaching includes an innovative ADR research course for J.D. and international LL.M. students to accomplish research and evaluation in the ADR field. She was Hamline’s director for the Dispute Resolution Institute Italy program in (summer) 2004 and the India program in 2005.


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Articles and Video:

Interview with Barbara McAdoo - Views from the Eye of the Storm (05/23/11)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Barbara McAdoo, longtime mediator and faculty at Hamline Law School, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Barbara McAdoo: Negotiation Skills Fundamental in Teaching - Video (06/25/10)
Barbara McAdoo discusses why a negotiation class is the most important class a law school student can take.

McAdoo, Barbara: Transparency and Clarification - Video (06/18/10)
Barbara McAdoo emphasizes the importance of clearly defining what the party is and is not getting through mediation.

Barbara McAdoo: Disappointing that Mediation is not Defined - Video (04/21/10)
Barbara McAdoo shares her disappointment with how the field has not been defined and how mediators cannot communicate what mediation is to consumers.

Barbara McAdoo: Importance of Defining Mediation - Video (04/13/10)
Barbara McAdoo explains reasons why the mediation profession should be clearly defined.

McAdoo, Barbara: Ethical Issues with Judge - Video (02/18/10)
Barbara McAdoo shares an anecdote about a judge who revealed to her that he mediates all his cases before he tries them.

Barbara McAdoo: High School Project Leads to 'Helping' Values - Video (07/16/09)
Barbara McAdoo shares a life-changing experience she had as a senior in high school when she chose to do a project on segregation.

McAdoo, Barbara: Lack of Research - Video (06/18/09)
Barbara McAdoo observes the little research that has compared parties' settlements and experience from mediation to parties' settlements through other processes.

McAdoo, Barbara: Seeing Litigation as Wrong Path in Many Cases - Video (06/18/09)
Barbara McAdoo speaks of her experience with litigation and feeling like the clients were not addressing the problem in the right way. She felt they could have communicated more openly and directly with each other.

McAdoo, Barbara: Consequences From Spread of Mediation - Video (05/18/09)
Barbara McAdoo discusses that the spread of mediation is what most pleases her about the field. However, she is also concerned with the institutionalization of the practice.

McAdoo, Barbara: Neutral Evaluation - Video (04/18/09)
Barbara McAdoo shares her concern with mediators not being able to clearly define what mediation is compared to neutral evaluation as well as the acceptable, ethical boundaries that each has.

McAdoo, Barbara: Lawyers Need Communication Skills - Video (04/18/09)
Barbara McAdoo describes her concern with lawyers waiting for mediators or others to be able to relate bad news or other news to their clients.

A Style Index for Mediators (08/16/00)
The Mediator Classification Index (MCI) is designed to assist in understanding the approach or style a mediator tends to use during the mediation process. The MCI is a valuable tool which you may ask prospective mediators to complete as part of the mediator selection process. This is also a valuable tool for mediator self-examination.


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Complete Interview with Bobbi McAdoo
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