Nancy Neal Yeend

Nancy Neal Yeend

Nancy Neal Yeend, national dispute management specialist, mediator and trainer. Combining over thirty years of mediation background with entrepreneurial experience, Nancy brings extensive insight and wisdom to her profession. She is an appellate mediator serving both the California First and Third District Courts of Appeal; faculty member of the National Judicial College for 19 years; and a founding member of the Silicon Valley Mediation Group, Los Altos, CA.

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From Nancy Yeend (09/04/07)
Having trained over 5000 mediators nationally,in each course I cite something from, and of course always direct students to as an additional resource.

Legal Ethics And ADR: Do You Pass The Test? (04/16/01)
Questions of legal ethics in Alternative Dispute Resolution usually arise in three main areas: Telling the client that ADR is available, Preparing the client for the ADR process chosen, Providing for the future management of disputes through the use of ADR.