Clara I. Gómez

Clara I. Gómez Clara I. Gómez is a microbiologist turned attorney turned mediator. She is heavily involved in community and bilingual mediation issues. She is a trainer with the Harris County DRC and serves as an instructor on negotiation and conflict resolution in a variety of forums.

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From Clara Gomez (09/03/07)
I want to congratulate editors, managers, and hard workers for your accomplishment. You have been providing us with up date news, articles and discusions on conflict management and resolution. I appreciate all you have done to maintain your publications all this years. We hope you continue providing us this important information.

Enhancing Mediation Services to the Spanish-Speaking Community:Perceived Needs and Recommendations (11/25/02)
We conducted a survey of Texas Dispute Resolution Centers to study the impact of the growth of the Hispanic/Latino population under the auspices of the Texas Association of Mediators. In this article, we will discuss the Dispute Resolution Centers perceived needs and our own recommendations for serving their Spanish-Speaking residents.