James J. Alfini

James J. Alfini James Alfini has been very active in the field of ADR for two decades. He served as Director of Research and Assistant Executive Director of the American Judicature Society from 1976 to 1985. In 1985, he accepted a position as Professor at Florida State University College of Law and Director of Education Research at the Florida Dispute Resolution Center. While in Florida he served on the initial Supreme Court committee on arbitration and mediation. Mr. Alfini moved back to Illinois in 1991 to become Dean of Northern Illinois University's College of Law. In 2003, he left for Texas to take on the responsibilities of President and Dean of South Texas College of Law in Houston. He is past Chair of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution and the ADR Section of the Association of American Law Schools. He has written numerous books and articles on the subject of ADR, including ADR Personalities and Practice Tips, published by the ABA, and "Trashing, Bashing and Hashing It Out: Is this the End Of ‘Good Mediation?’", which appeared in the FSU Law Review.

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Articles and Video:

Interview with James Alfini - Views from the Eye of the Storm (04/12/17)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with James Alfini, long-time professor of dispute resolution at Northern Illinois University, filmed as part of the Mediate.com 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

James Alfini: Patience is a Crucial Skill - Video (04/09/10)
James Alfini shares an account of when he lost his patience with a party and reflects how a mediator should never lose his/her patience.

James Alfini: Creating Intrigue Within Florida's Legal Community - Video (09/13/09)
James Alfini describes the development of mediation within Florida's legal community and state bar.

James Alfini: Mediation Skills That Lawyers Should be Taught - Video (09/13/09)
James Alfini describes some of the skills that law students should be taught in order to handle a conflict with an ADR method.

James Alfini: Hope For Next Generation of Lawyers - Video (09/13/09)
James Alfini explains how he would like to see the next generation of lawyers counsel their clients using a problem-solving approach.

James Alfini: Some Lawyer Mediators Not Following Process - Video (09/13/09)
James Alfini shares how many lawyer mediators are not following a mediation process, but a process of separating the parties.

James Alfini: Helping People Was a Motivating Force - Video (08/27/09)
James Alfini shares how he likes helping people and how mediation is a way to do that as it gives people voice, can heal relationships, and can help them move on with their lives.

James Alfini: Hope For Mediation - Video (06/11/09)
James Alfini talks about his hope of the effect mediation will have on the legal profession, in our society, and in our relationships.

James Alfini: Proud Moment in Mediation - Video (05/28/09)
James Alfini shares an account of when he was able to give someone voice in a situation where there was a power imbalance. It involved a female vs corporate heavyweights. He was successful in giving her voice. He talks about the power of her voice and how once she told her story how strongly it affected the other side.


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Alfini, Jim
Complete one hour interview of Jim Alfini by Robert Benjamin