Connie Ozawa

Connie Ozawa

Connie Ozawa, Ph.D
Professor of Urban Studies and Planning

B.A. 1976 (environmental studies) University of California, Berkeley; M.A. 1978 (geography) University of Hawaii; Ph.D. 1988 (urban planning) Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Ozawa teaches courses on environmental policy and management, planning theory and practice, and negotiation and dispute resolution. Her research interests focus on the use of scientific and technical information in public decision making, the role of the professional, and public participation methods. She is currently conducting evaluations of a regional planmaking process and a state initiated effort to increase interagency coordination of environmental reviews. Dr. Ozawa is author of Recasting Science: Consensus-Based Procedures in Public Policy Making (Westview, 1991) and several journal articles.

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Articles and Video:

Managing Scientific and Technical Information In Environmental Cases: Principles and Practices for Mediators and Facilitators (11/29/01)
This effort represents ideas gathered from more than a hundred individuals as well as a review of some, though certainly not all, of the relevant literature. The document is an initial attempt to distill and disseminate those key principles and practices that are relevant to managing scientific and technical information in environmental conflicts. The authors hope to advance both the practice and theory of environmental mediation and to launch further thinking and discussion on the issues raised.