Jill Sarah Moscowitz

Jill Sarah Moscowitz Jill Sarah Moscowitz holds a Master's Degree in Public Health with a focus in Community Organizing. She has over a decade of experience in labor relations and has skills in organizational development, negotiating, and conflict resolution. She has traveled to India and East Timor and enjoys assisting people to achieve their highest human potential. Ms. Moscowitz is a Certified Transformative Mediator, and a member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators and Association for Conflict Resolution.

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Website: moscowitzmediation.com

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From Jill Sarah Moscowitz (08/30/07)
Mediate.com is the "Wikipedia" of Mediation. Thanks to all who contribute to this wonderful resource! It is a wonderful body of knowledge shared worldwide.

The Compassionate Mind in Mediation (10/10/05)
This article examines some basic assumptions about conflict and about our role as mediators in understanding the “right/wrong” paradigm from which most parties approach mediation.