Joshua F. King

Joshua F. King Joshua F. King earned his masters in dispute resolution from Pepperdine University and his law degree from the University of Tulsa. He practices law and mediates in Utah in the areas of family and domestic relations, real estate, personal injury, employment and several other areas.

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From Joshua King (10/15/13) is the go-to resource for credible, current, and meaningful ADR ideas, applications, and connections. It's potential and value will continue to be redefined, expanded, and exceeded with Jim Melamed at the helm. Jim and his staff have a unique ability to bring people, thoughts, and ideas together in ways never before done. This is the exact resource I need to help me progress and provide meaningful and unmatched value to those I serve.

From Joshua King (09/05/07) has become a tremendous resource for mediators, their clients and anyone interested in conflict resolution. It is the go-to resource for conflict resolution. My clients frequently comment on the wealth of very useful information available on the site. The dedication and innovation of its creators guarantee it to be an influential resource to the world for decades to come.

Mediation Philosophies: What Are Yours? Do They Progress the Profession? (10/10/05)
As mediators it is important that we continually assess our philosophies of dispute resolution and persist in growing and expanding as mediators in order to progress the profession.