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Judit Revesz Judit Revesz graduated from the ELTE Law School in Budapest, Hungary. She practiced law before moving to the US where she has studied and practiced mediation. Currently she is employed by Nagy & Trocsanyi LLP, a Hungarian law firm based in NY.

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From Judit Revesz (10/14/13)
Congratulations to Mediate.com! I was honored to be accepted as one of the authors in the year of 2005. I believe that the fact that I continue to receive comments and questions from readers worldwide perhaps is an indication of how an online publication impacts readers especially those who are from countries where mediation is not as widely accepted as it is in the USA. Thank you for providing an open space for all of us!

Mediation without Trust: Critique of the Hungarian Mediation Law (05/16/05)
In the first part of this article I try to describe the social psychological dynamics of Hungarian society in the 20th century and how it relates to the practice of mediation and then offer some critical observations on the Hungarian Mediation Law itself. This new Hungarian mediation law established a hybrid institution, also called mediation, which has a similar set of foundation principles as the American model but at the same time it’s setup is such that it might indirectly create more conflicts than it resolves. It will be a real challenge for any Hungarian mediator to find a way to facilitate the parties’ informal private discussions while empowering rather than judging them, maintaining an open channel of communication, staying impartial and confidential and at the same time keeping aligned with the rules of the Act on Mediation.