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Karen Rice Karen Rice is a gerontologist, mediator and licensed nursing home administrator in private practice in dementia care services.

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Website: www.alzheimerfamilycaremanagement.com

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From Karen Rice (09/03/07)
Mediate.com breathes life into the field of mediation. The collaboration and support of the profession truly is second to none. In the fields of healthcare and family, mediators are being required to become more diversified in their training and to demonstrate cultural competence. Aging society is rapidly bringing elder and dementia care issues into the field of mediation. Promoting mediation as a valuable option for the ever-growing range of issues families and healthcare professionals face in providing care and quality of life offers validation, understanding and hope. I am honored to be among the contributors of Mediate.com Newsletter and offer sincere congratulations on this 200th issue.

Family Caregiver Mediation (05/17/05)
This is the sequel to the my previous article on elder mediation. It explores family caregiver mediation. Caregiving is a rapidly increasing role for families, but it has been a popular topic of research for years.

ElderCare Mediation (04/25/05)
As families begin to confront the decisions involved in how to best care for a loved one who no longer is able to live alone, who requires assistance with daily living, or requires medical care, family relationships are becoming increasingly strained. This is the first in a two-part series on mediation. What mediation means and how the parties in the mediation process resolve conflict.