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Robert F. Saint-Aubin Robert Saint-Aubin, a graduate of MIT’s Sloan School of Management and the University of Pennsylvania Law School practiced corporate law in the Philadelphia legal department of a Fortune 50 chemical and machinery manufacturer where he honed his skills at solving problems and finding workable solutions in the fields of business, commerce, labor, employments, environment and natural resources. He then relocated to Reno, Nevada to permit gold mines, entered private practice and continued negotiating solutions to complex personal and business problems. After the beginning of the new millennium he decided to shift his focus to ADR and to relocate to Southern California where he arbitrates and mediates in California and Nevada for the courts and NASD Dispute Resolution bringing his abilities, education, expertise and experience together to help the parties solve their problems. For more details see

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Why Mediate? (06/09/04)
Saint-Aubin provides an analysis and several answers to the question “Why Mediate?” Simply, mediation is a cost- effective, speedy dispute resolution method in which the parties, with the assistance of a neutral, design their resolution to a dispute. Saint-Aubin probes and tests the real and imagined objections to mediation and addresses the benefits to be gained from the process even if no solution is reached at the end of the session. Unless all parties reach an agreement, mediation is non-binding.