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Blair Trippe Blair Trippe is a mediator, trainer, family business consultant and principal of Agreement Resources, LLC where she mediates workplace and family disputes including eldercare and estates issues. In addition to her mediation work, Blair has developed and presented numerous workshops and training programs in Negotiations, Conflict Resolution Skills, and Peer Mediation for professionals and teens. Blair recently presented at the Harvard Program on Negotiation at Harvard law School, to the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), served on the faculty of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Centers conference on Alzheimers disease, and presented at the Map Through The Maze 2006 and 2008 Conferences of the Alzheimers Association. She recently was featured in a SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) article entitled Conflict Management Contributes to Communication. Blair also was interviewed by CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and appeared on a segment on elder mediation which aired nationwide in February, 2007.She earned an MBA in marketing and finance from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a BA in psychology from Connecticut College.

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Articles and Video:

Working Together after Divorce – The Mediated Road to Success (01/06/09)
The world of divorce is a place with an infinite number of stories that play out as a short list of common themes. The biggies: the well being of the children, how to divide assets, who gets the marital home and the complications of a parenting plan. We also know that divorces are rarely the end of the relationship in the sense that once they are final you never have, or need to have, contact with the other party again.

When Giving to World Peace Is No Longer Peaceful: Mediation and the Seven Principles for Managing Conflict in Family Foundations (07/02/07)
Management of family foundations going through a generational transition can be more complicated than almost any enterprise. When money is involved entrenched relationships coupled with repressed resentments can make for difficult conversations that frequently end in lost tempers and the opening of old wounds. As conflicting issues come into play, giving away money, which seemed like a nice, altruistic, socially responsible thing to do, can become fraught with discord. Mediation is often a helpful tool for families looking for peace.

Yes, Everything and the Kitchen Sink! - Six Rules for Establishing a Successful Postnuptial Agreement (03/28/06)
The purpose of a postnuptial agreement is first – to identify those things that are making the relationship difficult and, second – to be sure both parties understand what they are, why they are problematic, and what specifically can be done about each discrete issue. The beauty of this kind of mediated agreement is that it allows you to include those things that have become important to you now that the honeymoon is long over. Mediation provides a safe forum to explore imaginative ways to deal with the issues with a view to developing alternative ways to approach them.

Tough Elder Decisions: The Mediation Option (05/24/04)
There is a new field developing in the mediation world – Elder Mediation. Elder mediation is proving to be an effective way for families, dealing with complex emotional decision processes, to efficiently and safely make tough choices. This is especially true at the beginning of the decision process – when families are fact finding, struggling with options and discovering feelings about their parents or adult children that well up and make clear thinking difficult.