Elisabeth Seaman

Elisabeth Seaman

Elisabeth Seaman, Learn2Resolve

  • Mediated over 600 cases for public and private institutions, community programs and for families and individuals
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English. 
  • Honored for her contributions to the field of mediation by San Mateo County and the California State Legislature.
  • Partner in the mediation firm, Learn2Resolve

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Website: www.Learn2Resolve.com

Articles and Video:

Conflict: The Unexpected Gift - Video (04/15/17)
This is an interview of my business partner, Jack Hamilton and me, about mediation, conflict resolution and our book, Conflict - The Unexpected Gift.

"Conflict - The Unexpected Gift" Book Review (06/06/14)
Conflict is a common aspect of life that is extremely difficult to avoid because each person is different from others and arrives at his or her own conclusions about the behavior of others and the events in a situation. Although conflicts may seem unavoidable, one can actually learn how to work through them and come out with a better relationship in the end. The book 'Conflict—The Unexpected Gift: Making the Most of Disputes in Life and Work' presents a highly detailed and comprehensive approach to resolving interpersonal conflicts.

Who Needs A Mediator? With Training You Can Resolve A Conflict On Your Own (04/26/04)
This article focuses on an individual who participated in our workshop in May 2003, and who applied the six-step process to a conflict between her and a person who was renting space at a barn the individual was managing. One of the skills the individual had acquired in our workshop was the ability to teach or coach another person with whom she might be in conflict to follow the six-step method in reality-checking each other’s assumptions.

Bringing A Spiritual Approach To My Mediation Work (04/05/04)
As a mediator, working from a spiritual basis, I try to set aside preconceptions about personalities, nationalities, age, gender and all the various labels that are so easy to place on people. I also try to set aside any sense of personal ego. It is not I who have any special ability or power to bring any conflict to a satisfactory resolution. I need to listen to the inner voice of Love that guides my thought to the ideas and words that are needed and appropriate at any particular time.

Keeping Cool While Driving On Hot Highways (04/27/00)
Aggressive driving and highway conflict are becoming dominant issues. Anybody who drives in rush-hour traffic anywhere will testify that there are far too many out-of-control drivers and that deviant driving causes accidents.

Between Aging Parents And Adult Children (02/14/00)
Picture a middle-aged woman who is very worried that her elderly father is continuing to live in the family home when, in her view, the time has long passed since he was capable of living there by himself. Next, visualize a widower in his eighties who is feeling pressured by his adult daughter to leave behind all that is familiar to him--his home and his neighborhood--and to move into an "old folks" home.

Turning Around Polarized Mindsets in Workplace Mediations (05/15/99)
It is not uncommon for workers to respond to dissimilar points of view by ascribing group labels to what they hear, which results in co-workers bearing the pain of being stereotyped and then retaliating with accusations and blame of their own.

Can Conflict In Nonprofits Be Managed Successfully? (04/05/99)
Much time in nonprofits is spent in conflict and dealing with the consequences of conflict because organizations today are constantly undergoing change.

From Involuntary To Voluntary Mediation
Or, The Art Of Gentle Arm Twisting
....and one reason that mediation is so effective is that it is a voluntary process. How often have you heard or read this, and even said it yourself, in describing mediation? But, do you have a pat statement about how effective mediation can be when it is not voluntary, as is the case when parties have been referred to mediation by a court?