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Rick Voyles Richard Voyles, Ph.D. is the President of Conflict Resolution Academy, LLC a service company providing professional and personal development skills. Conflict Resolution Academy, LLC offers conflict prevention programs through Management and Leadership Training and resolution programs through Mediation Training and Mediation Services. Conflict Resolution Academy, LLC has developed 17 videos that focus on the mediation process steps, mediation techniques, legal and ethical issues, and a mediation roleplay. These training presentations specialize in facilitative mediation skills at every level. Dr. Voyles is a subject matter expert in the areas of Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution. He is a registered Neutral with the State of Georgia's Office of Dispute Resolution, and he has traveled the world, training people in conflict management and mediation skills. Dr. Voyles does extensive work in the areas of prejudice reduction, cross-cultural communication and conflict management. He is currently recognized internationally in Who's Who in 2002 in Business.

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Website: www.conflictresolutionacademy.com

Articles and Video:

Without The Three Skills Necessary, You May Fail As A Conflict Management Practitioner (04/07/08)
Conflict management consists of three different skill sets: communication skills, negotiation skills, and resolution skills. All three are necessary and indispensable elements for the conflict management practitioner.

Mediation and National Security Personnel System (NSPS) Pay for Performance: Can The Pitfalls Be Avoided? (12/10/07)
The implementation of Paybanding – “Pay for Performance” is happening now. Congress has enacted the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) into law with total implementation by all government agencies and military components 2009. Based on the guidelines and expectations set out by the National Security Personnel System, managers and employees now have greater demands for accountability placed on them than at any other time in history. Will mediators be ready for the sharp increase in complaint cases that will be referred to them?

Managing an Imbalance of Power (10/25/04)
One technique I often get requests to train on is managing an imbalance of power. There are effective techniques for handling power imbalance, however before we go too far, let’s consider what is an imbalance of power?

Discovering Benefits In Mediation (02/09/04)
In a previous article, “A Benefit Resolution Mindset,” we looked at fear, comfort zones, and a single solution mindset as elements that can cause resolution resistance at a mediation table and tilt the balance away from benefits to loss laden choices. We saw how a single solution mindset often represents a positional option (100% gain, 0% loss). Here we will look at techniques for discovering benefits including question asking, using a benefit matrix, and reality testing.

A Benefit Resolution Mindset (01/13/04)
It is fear of loss that catapults people into conflict. It is fear that can keep them from resolving it. In a mediation, if the fear of loss outweighs the benefit of the offer, then it will be impossible for the party to choose resolution. A participant at the mediation table must believe that he or she will be better off accepting the offer; to embrace a settlement option it must improve the condition of the party. The benefit of gain, being better off, must outweigh the fear of loss, being worse off. This is true for both the complainant and the respondent at the table.