Alex Dukhovny

Alex Dukhovny

Alex Dukhovny - Is an owner and operator of two mediation companies, Right Triangle Mediation and American Mediation of Los Angeles County. Combined, the two companies have assisted hundreds of individuals in resolving their disputes professionally and efficiently.


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Articles and Video:

Emotional Involvement in a Fairly Legal Resolution (03/16/12)
Emotional involvement is the idea that each party in a conflict has some personal feelings concerning the dispute. As mediators we are taught to remain neutral, thus fundamentally non-emotionally involved. However, the TV series portrays a mediator being so emotional about the disputes she handles that all ethics and dispute resolution practices go out the window. Kate Reed wears many hats, a mediator, a lawyer, a detective and sometimes even a defendant. With her trusty assistant, she is able to not only solve disputes, but as she puts it, “Solve your problems.”

Fairly Legal. Fairly Accurate? (01/17/11)
A look at the new highly anticipated USA Network mediation show, "Fairly Legal" and how accurate it is.

Not The Smartest Person In The Conference Room (11/03/08)
What attorney and non-attorney mediators can learn from history about curse of knowledge and how to overcome it.

From Alex Dukhovny (08/30/07) is by far the greatest mediation resource online. I love getting the look into the minds of other mediators via all the posted articles and discussion groups. If mediators do it until everyone is satisfied, then does it right.

The Other Side (08/01/05)
During mediations, I often attempt to put myself into the shoes of the people I try to bring to common ground and imagine what I would have done in their place.

Mediation: Who Is It Really For? (09/06/04)
Settling cases is a whole purpose of being a mediator, it is the reason we get up in the morning and go to bed early at night. Mediators live, and love to settle - that is a fact.

Ethical Approach v. Fair Resolution (11/17/03)
What are mediation ethics? Do any of us during mediation actually stop and ask our selves if we are following the “Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators”, especially if what we are doing works? Of course not, most of us just follow our instincts and try to get the parties to agree, even if that agreement is a disagreement.